Juicing Q&A: Does blending work?

Question from Miahela:

Does blending work as well or is it strictly juicing?
Also, could you, please, share the most effective cleansing juice recipes; thanks!!

All right, this is really two questions in one. So I’ll address the “blending versus juicing” question here, and save the most effective cleansing juice recipes for another post .

One of the main benefits from undertaking a juice fast is essentially giving the body a break from the taxing and energy-consuming process of digestion. This allows the body the opportunity to focus on cleansing, releasing waste, and overall cellular regeneration. Blended foods (smoothies, raw soups, etc.) are definitely easer on the digestive system, and offer the body some level of relief from the digestive burden of eating food in its “solid” form. But because blending preserves the fiber, smoothies or blended soups do still engage the digestive functions, hence do not offer the same level of rest.

Personally, when I am on a juice fast, I intake fresh fruit and vegetable juices exclusively. I do not consume smoothies or blended foods of any kind. Not because they’re detrimental or anything, simply because I like to make the most of that special time I give my body to rest, heal and renew by not putting any extraneous strain on it.

That being said, blended soups and smoothies are a great cleansing tool. They do allow the body to get into “detox mode”. So blending “works” in the sense that it certainly lightens the burden on the digestive system. I personally think that it can be a great way to ease into juicing. Since it’s not as powerful in the detox department, the detox symptoms aren’t as intense and that might make for a more comfortable (and nonetheless beneficial) experience.

Juicing (versus blending), in my experience, offers accelerated cellular renewal and that’s why I favor it. I’m a girl who likes to live in the fast lane!