My Juicing Secrets: Tips, Tricks and Resources for a successful juice fast

Ndoema The Global Girl shares her secrets to successful juicing and cleansing through juice fasts for optimum health, weight loss and all around beauty.


This is by far the most common question I get and I understand why. A dependable, high performing juicer as the building block of a successful juice fast but researching juicers can easily become a full time job! I did a lot of research myself before zeroing on the two juicers that have been my steadfast companions on the extended juice fasts I’ve undertaken. Read more →


Coming soon.

I first started sharing photos and tidbits of my 92-day juice fast on twitter and Instagram. And I got so many questions and requests that I published the first in a series of Q&A posts here on More questions started pouring in with requests for recipes and in-depth information. So I decided to build this page as a sort of repository of all the information and resources I could gather on the subject and a place to share my experiences.

Here are some of the questions I’ve been asked so far and will answer here:

  • How to get started? Tips and advice to juicing newbies
  • The Detox process and detoxing symptoms: what to expect and how to deal with them?
  • What do you use to support your detox process? Do you use colonics? Enemas? Dry skin brushing, etc.?
  • What are the spiritual aspects of a prolonged juice fast?
  • What juicers do you use?
  • How to break a fast?

What else would YOU like to see here? What other questions do you have? Let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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Happy Juicing!

12 thoughts on “My Juicing Secrets: Tips, Tricks and Resources for a successful juice fast

  1. Hi Ndoema,

    I was just wondering what do you do the week before an extended fast, how do you start it? Are there special foods to eat or not eat before you start juicing and how do you break the fast of an extended fast and how do you keep the results? And you mentioned doing clay and psyllium flush do you do this before you start or once you’re done, and you mentioned colonics, where do those fit in , before, during , after, and can we do them at home? Thanks Gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Hi Ndoema, I’m new to your blog, it’s great! I have a few of questions concerning juice fasting:

    How do you deal with your social life while juice fasting (e.g. dinners, travel, wedding, birthdays, ect.)

    Is it possible to do sports while fasting? I would imagine disciplines such as yoga and pilates are fine, but how about intensive swimming for example?

    Some people advise to juice in “bulk” ; in other words, juicing in the morning the whole quantity you are planing to consume during the day. However, even if using a good masticating juicer and storing your juice properly , the nutritional content of the juice (vitamins & minerals) decreases significantly during the day. What is your opinion?



  3. Hey beautiful, I received a few of questions from some of my friends that wants to start juicing.

    1. I hate veggies. Are there any fruit juicing recipes that are not high in sugar?

    2. Isn’t drinking all that citrus bad for your teeth even when using a straw?

    3. Does juicing help build collagen? If so, what are some veggies/fruits that helps to build it?

    That’s what I have so far. Happy Juicing!!

  4. I just tried your recipe for carrot/cucumber/tomato/spinich/dill/jalapeno juice and it was sooooooo good! Didn’t have spinich but it was still really tasty. I never thought of making juices like that. Can’t wait for more recipes. Please post more. Thanks Ndoema!!!

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