The 5-day Orange Juice Fast

  • The 5-day Orange Juice Fast
  • The 5-day Orange Juice Fast

Ndoema’s portrait by Phillip James

The Orange Juice fast was my very first foray into the world of juice fasting. I actually practiced the “breakfast” fast for several years before attempting my first five-day juice fast. I felt the instant benefits of giving my body a chance to follow it’s natural elimination cycle (to learn more about the natural body cycles I recommend reading Fit for Life) by not eating until 12 noon and drinking lots of fruit juice instead. I bought the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” myth for many years and frankly for me it hasn’t paid off while juicing for breakfast has been a life changer. As I felt better and better, so did my desire to juice more and experiment with juice fasting. So I stretched my half-day fast to a 5-day fast. And with every one felt more and more vibrant until I felt drawn to give my body even more of a chance to renew itself through a prolonged juice fast.

I’m in awe of people who jump from big mac to 92-day juice fast. Unless you’re in some kind of health emergency, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve been a raw vegan for over 5 years and before that a vegan for over 15 years and I still face, at times severe, detox symptoms. I think it’s best to take things gradually and reasonably. If you’re intrigued with the idea of embarking on a prolonged juice fast, the 5-day orange juice fast is a great starter. I did at least a dozen short orange juice fasts in the year preceding my first 92-day juice fast. The irony is for me the shorter the tougher. Simply because I tend to have my eye on the finishing line so when the fast is short all I can think of is when I’ll be done with it. When there are 92 days ahead, I find it easier to surrender and live in the moment.

What’s wonderful about the 5-day orange juice fast is that oranges are usually plentiful anywhere and all year around. There’s nothing exotic or complicated about it. You can jump into juicing and start experimenting without having to make the commitment of buying an expensive juicer or any fancy equipment. And your average citrus juicer is small and portable, so it makes juicing while traveling a breeze.

A few tips:

  • I know it’s a given but buy organic oranges and preferably from a local farmers market. The goal is to release toxins so it’s best not to add to our toxic load. Plus sun-ripened oranges that have been picked up the day before taste so much better and are incredibly more nutritious. It makes a world of difference both for your taste buds and your cells!
  • To protect your teeth, use straws. I always do.
  • To make the most of my fast and detox at a deeper lever, I follow Dr. Jensen’s Program. I think it’s absolutely essential for releasing old, accumulated toxic waste.

I’ve come to really love the 5-day orange juice fast. It’s become my maintenance fast between my yearly 92-day juice feasts. It’s a great way to reset and it’s the most delicious beauty regimen I know (I promise, you will glow!).