Raw Food: Raw Dessert Recipes. Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, Pineapple Tart, Pomegranate Ice Cream, Apple Crumble, Persimmon and Blueberry Parfait. Raw Food: Raw Vegan Italian Recipes. Pizza, ravioli, lasagna, stuffed bell peppers, zucchini spaghetti and Cannelloni. Raw Food: Raw Vegan Mexican Recipes. Burritos, tacos, tostadas, ceviche, nachos, chiles rellenos and sopa de alote (corn soup). Raw Food: Raw Vegan Dressings Recipes. Mayonnaise, thousand island dressing, ranch dressing, tahini, vinaigrette.
Are you a veteran raw foodie looking to keep things exciting? A newbie ready for the benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle? Curious to try a short-term raw cleanse? Or simply want to incorporate more delish fruits and veggies into your diet? Become a healthier and more gorgeous you now with The Global Girl Raw Recipe Series!

Enjoy a week’s worth of Raw Italian for less than $1 a day! Who doesn’t love Italian comfort food! Pizza, lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni, spaghetti. So tasty! But not exactly screaming healthy, right? Wrong. Gluten-free, daiy-free, pasta-free but oh so yummy! Ndoema’s re-masterd Italian classics are insanely delish and a healthy foodie's dream. Enjoy with no moderation ;)

Recipes included in this eBook
  • Sunflower Ricotta Pizza On Gluten-Free Seed Crust
  • Antioxidant-Rich Ravioli with No-Oil Basil Filling
  • Gluten-free Cannelloni with Cauliflower Bechamel
  • Skin Boosting Lasagna with Hearty Pumpkin Seed Pesto
  • Super Slimming Zucchini Carpaccio
  • No-Wheat Spaghetti with No-Meat Balls & Salsa Marinara
  • Crunch & Glow Stuffed Bell Peppers with Sunflower "Rice"
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Enjoy a week’s worth of Raw Mexican for less than $1 a day! Who thought Mexican cuisine could be so tasty and make you look sexy! Bursting with anti-oxydants, colorful phytonutrients and even powerful body cleansing goodies, Ndoema’s re-mastered Mexican classics do double duty as taste-bud pleasers and beauty enhancers! Enjoy with no moderation ;)

Recipes included in this eBook
  • Spicy Chiles Rellenos with Chipotle Cheese
  • No-fry "Refried" Black Bean Tostadas
  • Sexy Ceviche with Red Hot Salsa
  • Super Guac Burrito in Zucchini and Flaxseed Wrap
  • Get-The-Glow Sopa de Alote (Fresh Corn Soup)
  • Rainbow Walnut Taco Bites in Belgian Endive Boats
  • Decadent Nachos with Taco "Meat", Guac & Tortillas
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Enjoy a week’s worth of Raw Dressings for less than $1 a day! Get all your favorite salad dressing recipes without all the baddies you don’t want in your body. Ndoema’s re-mastered dressing classics give you the best of both worlds, epic-tasting salads without the beauty-sabotaging ingredients. Ditching the high fructose corn syrup and fat-triggering additives has never tasted so good! Enjoy with no moderation ;)

Recipes included in this eBook
  • Raw Vegan Thick 'n Creamy Ranch Dressing
  • Raw Vegan Cleansing Cilantro Dressing
  • Raw Vegan Goddess Dressing
  • Raw Vegan Creamy Avocado Goodness
  • Raw Vegan Thousand Island Dressing
  • Raw Vegan Classic French Vinaigrette
  • Raw Vegan Egg-free & Nut-free Mayonnaise
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Enjoy a week’s worth of Fat Free Raw Dressings for less than $1 a day! Fat-free equals boring, right? Wrong! Loaded with taste-bud busting flavor, Ndoema’s fabulous dressings will put your healthy salad intake (and metabolism) into overdrive. Eat yourself lean and mean (in the best possible way ;) Perfect to ease in and out of a beauty juice fast or just for the joy of it! Enjoy with no moderation ;)

Recipes included in this eBook
  • Raw & Fat Free Healthy, Sexy Ketchup
  • Raw & Fat Free Raspberry Delight
  • Raw & Fat Free Wafu (Japanese-style) Dressing
  • Raw & Fat Free Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
  • Raw & Fat Free Hawaiian Pineapple Dressing
  • Raw & Fat Free Magic Mango Madness
  • Raw & Fat Free Spicy Tomatillo Salsa Verde
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