NDOEMA へよくあるご質問: ジュースに基づいて断食の92日 - 質問と回答: なぜ、あなたのポストは長いですか?


ありがとうございました @benni_k!



Ciao ♥♥♥

  1. tanya2013年11月16日, 15:00

    Hi There. Congrats on both of your extended fasts. I once did a 40 day mainly water fast and had quite a but of hair loss/thinning afterwards. Have you experienced such a thing during any of your extended fasts?

  2. Melena2013年01月16日, 11:25

    Thank you, Ndoema. I am starting this year on a journey of renewal and reflection. Accordingly, I want to improve my health. I want to start juicing and try my first short juice fast.

    I’ve been researching juicers. My head is spinning from all the reviews. There are some juicers that are better for only fruits, but some juicers that do not juice leafy greens very well. Do you have any recommendations? Given that you’ve completed two 92-day juice fasts, I know you have a dependable juicer.

    • The Global Girl2013年01月25日, 11:02

      Hi Melena,

      Congratulations on taking such a wonderful step!

      I get asked about juicers all the time so I’ve written a post where I discuss in detail my favorite juicers and why I like them.

      You can read my recommendations here:

  3. Andrew Flenery2012年12月25日, 04:49

    Juice cleanse is one of the best detoxification methods. It remove harmful toxins from the human body and improve our metabolism. After some time our digestive system needs rest and juice cleanse is best method to give rest to your digestive system so that it works well. This kind of personal experiences gives inspiration to others to think about their health. Thanks for sharing such informative post with us.

  4. sam2012年08月09日, 18:17

    I just completed a 30 day fast it was my first and I totally agree that letting your digestive track rest is very beneficial to the healing process.I feel so good after my fast and no longer crave junk food.

    juice fast plan


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